Friday, June 29, 2007

Ray Allen to the Celtics

Ray Allen is heading to the Boston Celtics for Jeff Green, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West. With no Uconn Huskies in this years draft, at least one made the news. Allen had a tough season last year, playing through inflammation in his ankle do to bone spurs and had to cut his season short. The deal creates a great one-two punch for the Celtics if Allen is back to full strength.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Player Spotlight: Jerome Dyson

The Good: Dyson was the second most consistent player for Uconn last season averaging nearly 14 points a game in 30.4 minutes. He was given the green light to shoot anywhere on the floor at anytime and he took advantage of that, launching NBA threes.

He had a great explosion off the ball and found creases in lanes, often getting himself to the line. In fact he got to the line more than any other player for Uconn, piling up 171 trips. His mixture of shooting and driving makes him the most complete offensive threat on the team.

On defense, Dyson showcased his incredible speed in batting the ball away from behind the play. He also cut into passing lanes and found a way to get his hand on the ball. He plays solid man to man but had a habit of running around screens than through them.

Pound for pound Dyson had the most toughness on the team, as epitomized by his playing through a broken tooth. He gave his body up by driving into crowds and getting pummeled by the trees inside.

The Bad: Dyson got to the line but failed to convert on many of those attempts, shooting just 71%. For a guard, he needs to bring the average to the mid 80’s. His 36% average from the field is not stellar and could be worked on. He often gave up drives for off balance shots or shots to deep.

Another problem that plagued Jerome was the fouls. He would commit early fouls that sat him out of the first half. He fouled out of the game 4 times, which is 3 more than anyone else. He needs to know how to play tough defense without fouling and how to get to know how the referees are calling the game.

Jerome loved the three ball shooting it 135 times and only knocking down 44. He needs to mix up his game a little more and find that mid-range jumper to add to his arsenal.

Dyson is the best defender of all Uconn’s guards. His speed is his best asset but he uses it as a crutch. He needs to keep defenders from the driving and dishing.

Overall: Dyson has the most potential to become an NBA player. He has the speed to play there now but lacks the consistent game. He needs to improve his free throws, shot selection and fouls. If Uconn is going to crawl out to of the Big East basement, it falls on the shoulders of this outstanding player.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Point Guard of the Future

Uconn received a verbal commitment from Kemba Walker, a point guard from Queens, New York. At 6 foot 1, Kemba still has a year to play in high school and will join the team next season. He is reminiscent of Taliek Brown in that he is a pass first point guard and lacks the consistent outside shot.

Walker has shot up the rankings since the beginning of the High School season, reaching 4th best at his position in the '08 class.

An early verbal agreement is not a contract and it could be easily nullified if Walker would like to test the waters again but for now Uconn has added depth if any guards should depart early.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ed Davis Visited Storrs

It had been quiet on the Uconn front for some time now. Most highly prized recruits have already put their commits in but not Ed Davis. He was in the New York area this week and made the trek to the Storrs campus with his mother. They came away impressed with the coaching staff, calling them honest.

Ed Davis isn't showing his hand as to where he will play but the schools have narrowed down to three Virginia, Connecticut and North Carolina. He should decide by July.

His natural position is the power forward but at 6'8 and only 215 pounds, he will need to bulk up to compete in the Big East at that position. He has yet to add the post game to his arsenal and prefers facing defenders.

Though the power forward is a little crowded at the moment, it doesn't frighten Davis who said that great schools attract great players and he is comfortable with competition.

Let's just hope that come July, Uconn comes away with this great prospect.