Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thabeet Returns

The chips seemed to be falling that Thabeet would return, even paging Beverly that he would be back and with his recent announcement, it is true. Midway through last season, Thabeet was projected a top ten pick but after a dismal end of the year his stock plummeted.

With his return, Uconn keeps a true center and another year under his belt should improve his rebounding and post skills that Uconn's coaching staff are applauded for in the development of Emeka and Armstrong. Now its up to Thabeet on where his development leads to.

Monday, April 23, 2007

No Easy Basket

The April 29th deadline is fast approaching and there are is no report on Thabeet’s departure to the NBA draft. The last news about it was on getting his mother settled into America and finding her a job. With today’s strict immigration laws, it is will take awhile to see if it is possible. Rumor’s swirled from a certain departure to his remaining.

If he declares, he would picked up in the later first round by a good team but lose out on a couple of millions. In the ‘05 class, the number one pick earned $3.617 million in the first year and the 20th pick earned only $937,000 that same year. So he would be paid for staying in college, if he rises ten more spots on the draft board to say 8th, which earned $1.802 million.

Uconn would do good to settle his mom up nice and use this seven foot shot blocking beast. A center piece to a young talented team, but if he goes then Uconn is prepared. Mandeldove, Kelly, Edwards and Adrien would be the down low presence with the acquisition of Ed Davis, a 6’9 power forward and is ranked 4th in the country in his position.

The deadline is looming and the ball is in Thabeet’s court.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Practice Fodder

Uconn’s hands are tied if Garrison and Thabeet stay. The time for declaring and transferring is nearing the deadline and Uconn has filled the only scholarship spot with Beverly but with the talent that has verbally committed to Uconn will choose their second option. Losing Nate Miles and Brandon Jennings could come back to haunt them.

Calhoun has a problem on their hands. Usually a team will have turnover with a senior graduating or a junior leaving early but this team needs to have the bench players transfer to garner those precious spots. Its not fair to the kids that have committed to the school and its not fair for the schools to have to fill spots just to fill them. Uconn was so depleted after the class of ‘06 that they had to fill spots with lesser talent because they were the only ones available to fill them.

There isn’t a perfect solution to this problem. Kids are going to have to be cut or shipped to lesser talented schools because this is big boy basketball and the need to win is overwhelming. Garrison and Eaves knew what they were getting into and should take this experience with them but the fact that Uconn used these kids as practice fodder and wasted a year of eligibility on them is a shame.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Brandon Jennings Considers Uconn

Blue chip guard, Brandon Jennings, has scratched USC off his list and is now considering Uconn his next home. He is considered one of the top guards in the country. From Compton, California, Jennings plays at a frantic pace and has a deadly floater, gets into the lane with ease and has fantastic court vision. His down side is his size and his outside shooting. Arizona is also fighting to recruit this top prize athlete.

See his fan site.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beverly Commits to Uconn

Uconn adds another piece to the puzzle by adding a legitimate point guard in Beverly. He is in the mold of Marcus Williams but lacks the scoring ability, though he averaged 19 points a game, with 8 boards and 8 dimes.